Court rules MMR caused autism

A court in Italy has ruled that a child's autism was caused by the triple MMR vaccine. The court, on the advice of an independent doctor, ruled that nine year old Valentino's autism was caused by the MMR vaccine he received in 2004. After receiving the jab Valentino suffered diarrhoea and went off his food; within days he started to regress, losing skills he had acquired. He stopped sleeping at night, waking several times every night screaming in pain. For years doctors told Valentino's parents that the vaccine could not possibly have caused his symptoms. Valentino's story is similar to thousands of other children who received the MMR jab and whose parents have been told that the vaccine was not - and could not have been - the cause of their child's regression. Valentino's case is the first in which the authorities have acknowledged that the triple live vaccine was the cause of the autistic regression the boy suffered.
This landmark judgement coincides with an
updated report on the MMR vaccine by the highly respected Cochrane Collaboration. The authors concluded, "the design and reporting of safety outcomes in MMR vaccine studies, both pre- and post- marketing, are largely inadequate." In other words, despite governments' and doctors' assertions on how safe the MMR vaccine is, there is still little good evidence to back up this claim. And the ruling on Valentino reminds us that it can sometimes cause devastating side-effects.

Added 18 June 2012