ASA orders BabyJabs to remove information on MMR and autism

Following a single complaint, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ordered BabyJabs, the Children's Immunisation Service of which I am medical director, to remove text on our web site relating to the alleged link between MMR and autism. Following widespread publicity of the ASA’s decision we have received many emails and telephone calls. Some have been highly critical of the service we provide and accusing us of being irresponsible and doing harm, and a few have been abusive; but the large majority have been supportive and appreciative of the service we offer. We have complied with the ASA ruling and have removed a few sentences from our web site. I am personally concerned that parents are being denied the opportunity to find impartial information on vaccines. The medical establishment has never taken kindly to those who disagree with its views. However, BabyJabs is determined to continue to offer parents the opportunity to choose for themselves how, when, and with what, to vaccinate their child.

Added 10 Aug 2012