BabyJabs ordered to remove information from web site

For the second time this year my Children's immunisation service, BabyJabs, has been ordered by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to remove information from our web site. We have been told to delete information about the MMR vaccine and its side-effects – not just the 'alleged' but supposedly disproven link with autism and bowel disease, but also other well documented side-effects including febrile convulsions and idiopathic thrombocytopaenia purpura (ITP – a rare auto-immune bleeding disorder). All these side-effects have been reported in the scientific literature.It seems that any criticism of the MMR vaccine is not allowed. To question the safety of this vaccine risks the displeasure of the authorities.
BabyJabs exists to give parents the opportunity to immunise their child in the way that they choose. Parents can decide when to start, how frequently to give vaccines and with which vaccines to vaccinate. To help with this we offer a large selection of single and small combination vaccines, aluminium-free wherever possible. We had listed detailed information, including a full list of ingredients, of all the vaccines we offer on our web site. The ASA has told us that we are not allowed to do this and so we have now removed this information. Parents can still obtain this information from us by request and we will continue to offer parents the opportunity to vaccinate their child in a way that they feel comfortable with and the opportunity to have individualised immunisation schedules designed for their child. We believe that discussion about vaccines and vaccine safety should not be stifled but encouraged to take place in a calm and tolerant manner. We shall continue to do this at BabyJabs.

Added 30 Oct 2012