Dr Richard Halvorsen

offering vaccine choice

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I have worked as a GP (family doctor) in central London for over 20 years. I left the NHS in 2009 to concentrate on my interests of childhood immunisation and acupuncture.

I founded
BabyJabs, a unique dedicated children’s immunisation service in London where I work as medical director. We offer parents a choice of single and small combination vaccines for their child and, in consultation with parents, prepare personalised immunisation schedules for children, taking into account their personal situation and needs.

I have also established
City Acupuncture and work as a medical acupuncturist at The Broadgate Spine and Joint Clinic in the heart of the City of London.

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I am concerned that the vaccine ‘debate’ is often polarised between those who are either obsessively pro-vaccine or totally opposed to any sort of vaccination. I find both these viewpoints extreme and unhelpful to parents who are confused and unsure about which immunisations to give their child.
I am not anti-vaccine (I wouldn’t run an immunisation clinic if I were) but I do have concerns about the quantity and frequency of vaccines given to very young babies.
I spent many years researching children’s vaccines, and have written up my findings in my book, The Truth about Vaccines which was first published in 2007.
An updated 3rd edition, entitled
Vaccines: A Parent's Guide, was published in 2013. This includes information on all the main children's vaccines and diseases they protect against. I describe how and when vaccines were introduced, their effectiveness and side-effects. The book also includes alternative vaccines schedules available both privately and on the NHS. Buy this book from amazon.
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My book on acupuncture Managing Pain and other medically proven uses of acupuncture was published in 2013. Buy the book form amazon.

Latest News

Delaying vaccination reduces risk of eczema

Delaying the first DTaP vaccine by as little as one month can reduce eczema risk by nearly 50 per cent.

Flu vaccine in pregnancy may cause autism

Children born to mothers who are given the flu vaccine in pregnancy may be at increased risk of developing autism.

Whooping cough vaccine is not working well

A recent outbreak of whooping cough in a kindergarten in Florida has confirmed the relative ineffectiveness of the pertussis vaccine.